Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Synonymy, Antonymy

Peculiarities and paradoxes in linguistics:

How is it that chaos is antonymous to harmony which is synonymous to system (and antonymous to discord), yet system is synonymous to complex, which is antonymous to clarity and simplicity, which is synonymous to unity!

And thus, unity is synonymous to harmony, which is antonymous to discord and chaos.

Cybernetics views communication and control in all self-contained complex systems as analogous.

Culture emerges out of repetitive response to exterior stimuli. Culture emerges from environmental conditions:

Deleuze mentions how time is either pulsed or non-pulsed (Chronos and Aion). Yet these two are subjective and are dependent on our experience. What may appear random and 'non-pulsed' or alien (even complex) to one person, may be easily understood by another (chronos, coded, comfortable, simple). Thus, there is usually a process of [de- to re-]territorialisation when some unknown stimuli or data is offered. Humans do their best to codify everything. Anything that humans are incapable of codifying (by scientific or objective means) usually gets lumped into the category of the mysterious... or, in other words...


YAY!!! So, now humans have a code to explain and replace the unknown...


... or quantum mechanics, coincidence, miracles, manifestation, dark matter, the aliens did it!, ghosts, fairies, "I'm too ugly/fat/poor/cool/rich/sexy/human to do that", the media, schizophrenia, flying pigs, "new" recipe...

What I'm saying, is there is there is there is a process, a distinct set of cognitions that occur when alien data enters:

1. "Dum dee dum dee dum"
2. "What on earth is that?"
3. "Ah, it must be _________"
4. "Dum dee dum dee dum"

Dumb asses.

De-codify this!

"God talks to me."

De-codification: Um... so you have voices in your head? (that's [code] schizophrenia, or normalcy, or imagination, or the devil, or beauty, or maybe we're just amazing creatures???)

Presupposition: voices in head = "code"

A man wears a pair of underwear on his head.

Fashion statement! (huh? That's not fashion???)

Some common processes:

· territorialisation > de-territorialisation > re-territorialisation

· Chronos > Aion > Chronos

· harmony > dissonance > entertainment/fun/creation/funk

· simplicity > complexity > simplicity

· order > chaos > order

· object > subject > object ("object")

· code > flow/flux > decode > code

· control > freedom > control

· is > what is? > is

· yes > no/maybe > yes/maybe

· system > disorganisation > re-territorialise, codify

· certainty > uncertainty > certainty

· knowledge > uncertainty > knowledge

· comfort > discomfort > adjust

· boring > alternative > boring

I try to stay in the middle category (which is bloody hard work, I keep codifying, objectifying everything dammit!)


Environment + alien = culture (?)